Affiliate program

Spread the affiliate link to our site and earn money on all actions of new users!

Up to $ 7.48 for advertiser!

Every referral that has become an advertiser will earn you:

  • $ 7.48, if the user spends on promotion from $ 136.05
  • $ 0.68, if the user spends on promotion from $ 6.80

7% from earnings referrals!

Each referral working in the service will earn you:

  • 7% of referral earnings on surfing
  • 2% of referral earnings from invited other referrals

Earnings per invited advertisers

Spread your referral link, invite new users to IPweb.ru and get money for them. If your referral becomes an advertiser and pays for promotion more than $ 6.80, you will get $ 0.68. For the referral who has spent on promotion more than $ 136.05, you receive $ 6.80. In that way, just for the referral, who has paid for promotion > $ 136.05, you get $ 7.48. The great advantage of the affiliate program is that referrals can go to the site and order services without your efforts - you just need to put your referral link in every possible place. Scheme of your earnings for the invitation to advertisers in the form of a table

Your referral spends You earn
$ 6.80 $ 0.68
$ 136.05 $ 7.48

How best to attract advertisers?

There are various ways to engage referrals. To begin with, you can invite people, who you know personally, by sending the referral link to your friends and acquaintances. In order to attract more customers, you should spread your referral link via the internet.

To interest it exactly advertisers, it is best to use the referral link to promo-site, that we have developed specifically for you to be able to attract new referrals more effectively:


What is the advantage of distributing a referral link through a promo-site?

What is the best way to invite users?

For any potential user, the most convincing proof that our system works will be the opportunity to register and earn money immediately. To do this, we have created a page quick earn with instant registration through social networks, passing which the user will immediately receive the job, perform it and earn their first money in the service. Use this link:

Your percentage of the earnings of referrals

All users who follow your link become your referrals and can earn money by carrying out different tasks on our website. Your income makes 7% of the earnings of each of your referrals. The income from second level referrals (users that were engaged by your referrals) makes 2%. Referral earnings

7% Level 1 2% Level 2
Here is a simple example: you have 30 referrals, each of them earns only 10 rubles a day. It is already 630 rubles every month without any additional efforts on your part! By the way, that is without taking into account referrals of the second level.

Referrals 3 levels and subsequent levels

In general, there are six levels of referrals on IPweb. You can earn income from referrals, invited by your referrals, their referrals and so on. For referrals from third to sixth level you will get the income in credits. Credits can be spent on the promotion of your site. You will receive credits for referrals of first and second level (10% and 5%, correspondingly), if they do the task with the payment in the form of credit. The distribution of income depends on the level.

4% Level 3 3% Level 4 2% Level 5 1% Level 6

How can you spread your referral link and attract more people?

The more you spread referral links, the more you will attract referrals and earn. Your referral link:


There are various ways to engage referrals:

  • to begin with, you can invite people, who you know personally, by sending the referral link to your friends and acquaintances;
  • sharing your link through your promotional website (if you have one) is a very effective method of involving new referrals. Just copy the banner code and place it there;
  • besides, there is a wonderful opportunity of leaving your posts with a link on free message boards, forums and other sites like that.;
  • you can post the link in popular social networks, by clicking on one of the buttons below.

Our banners

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Attention! Now, to place a banner on your website or anywhere else, you do not need to save the image to your computer. Just copy the banner code and paste it into the code of your site. The picture will be loaded from our server automatically.

For any questions, please contact support.