How to earn on referrals

Invite friends, acquaintances and colleagues to the promotion system and get 7% of their earnings on visiting sites! To take advantage of this offer, distribute your referral link (you can find it in your personal account). You can send it to your friends by e-mail or publish it on your website. You can also use banners to attract referrals. Your referrals will be all users who follow your link and register in the system.

Referral ratings can be tracked on the page Ratings and Contests.

The unique system allows you to receive bonuses from the earnings of your referrals up to level 3. On May 20, 2016, we updated the basic principles for calculating referral rewards, and now we pay real money (rubles to the account) for:

  • attracting users to the system (referrals of the 1st level) - 7% of their total earnings in surfing;

  • referrals of the 2nd level (users who were attracted by your referrals) - 2% of their entire earnings in surfing;

  • 50 rubles partner reward for attracting an advertiser who has spent at least 500 rubles on promotion in the service;

  • 500 rubles partner reward for attracting an advertiser who has spent at least 10000 rubles on promotion in the service.

How to distribute your referral link?

Proper distribution of the referral link is the key to successful earnings on referrals. There are at least several ways to distribute a referral link. We list them below.

  • First of all, you can send the referral link to your friends and distribute it among your acquaintances in other ways. In this case, you are more likely to receive referrals, but the number of real acquaintances is usually limited. Therefore, it is worth considering other methods.

  • If you have your own site, you can copy the banner’s code and post it on the website. Everyone who clicks on the banner and registers on IPweb will become your referral. This is a fairly effective way to make money on referrals, since every visitor to your site will see your link.

  • In addition, you can publish a referral link in social networks. It doesn't have to be done manually. To do this, you can use special buttons, one of which is located in personal account:  And the other - on the page «our banners»: Your referral link on social networks will be seen by all your friends, and someone may even repost. This can bring you a lot of referrals (especially if you have many friends), which will provide you with a good income if they actively use the service.

  • n order to convince our friends on social networks that we really pay money for tasks and convince them to register with the service, repost on your wall a message about the payment from the withdrawal of money to the wallet page, as shown in the picture:

  • You can also leave publications with a referral link on free message boards, thematic forums and other sites that you use. At the same time, you can either insert it into messages, or keep it as a signature or in the profile description. However, you should not engage in spam: when distributing your referral link, follow the rules of the site and publish it only in the relevant sections.

  • Please note that adding your referral link to the promotion through IPweb does not make sense, since everyone who sees it is already registered in the system.

All users attracted by you will be permanently assigned to you. The more referrals you attract, the more your passive income will be. Thus, if you have several active users among your referrals, you get a completely autonomous source of income that brings you money without any action on your part.

Referral targeting

If you want to invite advertisers specifically, then we recommend using a referral link to a special promo site, which can be found on the affiliate program page. This site shows in detail and clearly the advantages of promotion in our service, which increases the likelihood that the advertiser will be interested and become your referral. To attract users, use the referral link to the quick money page. This will make it easier for them to sign up and increase your chance of getting a referralYou can find your referral link to this page on the affiliate program page.


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