Earn money online on your computer or smartphone, get paid for viewing websites, clicks, likes, and subscriptions. Withdraw your earned money in any way convenient for you. For advertisers looking to promote their website, we are ready to offer quality targeted traffic, any clicks on links and ad blocks, increased site viewing depth, and visitor time on the site. We also offer comprehensive promotion on social networks: likes, reposts, comments, subscriptions, and app installations. Detailed statistics, geographic, and demographic targeting.

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What do people say about us?


I blog about entrepreneurship and regularly order the service "tell about the Vkontakte website" - about 100 reposts for each new article. Now, immediately after the publ...

ication, the article receives not only traffic from my site, but also transitions from the social networks of registered users - the audience here is alive, watching, interested, and most importantly, that all friends of those who reposted the article see. I plan to start a Twitter page and try it there too.


To promote my channel on YouTube, I buy subscribers, a little, 10-20 per day, and likes for all new videos, about the same amount. Everything works great, the channel is ...

gaining popularity!


We have a good thematic aggregator with traffic from organic, contextual advertising, affiliate placements, etc., where advertisers place and buy ads. Sometimes they comp...

lain that "something is too few clicks from you", and they are more than satisfied with the number of orders, because. I have high-quality and thematic traffic, but you see, there are not enough clicks. Because they also want to have traffic to their site from advertising, in addition to applications and orders. You have to buy more on IPweb daily for 30-50 clicks on each banner with paths on the advertiser's site. I spend from 3,000 to 5,000 rubles a month on this, my advertisers are now more than satisfied with the number of clicks and orders, they renew advertising without any questions.


We buy 100-300 retweets for each tweet from our corporate account, we average 1-2 tweets per day. We spend only 3,000 rubles a month on such promotion, and the activity o...

n our Twitter has increased very much - it is clear that now the information is really spreading, the audience is growing, and not as before - "2 retweets and those from the editors."


I launched a new site selling heating appliances, and for promotion I started buying regular traffic for 99 rubles. I started with 30-50 visits per day, set it to automat...

ic growth, reached 300 hosts per day, and have been buying for 3 months now. I spend only 900 rubles a month, I get a constant influx of new visitors, some of whom are actively interested in the site, walk on it, read materials and even return after a few days.


We had about 500 uniques per day on our real estate site, but they only made 1000-1500 views. And the site is large, over 1000 pages, and we wanted to increase the browsi...

ng depth and average time on the site. We buy on IPweb 300 "internal page clicks" with 5 clicks on different site links by each visitor. Now we have 800 hosts per day and 3000-3500 views, the depth has grown from 2.5 to 4, the average user time on the site has become more than 3 minutes.


Works great for making money on a referral link. I ordered a mailing list for 5,000 letters about a new project with my referral, received several dozen registrations of ...

active referrals. Cost paid off)


Once a week or two we order a newsletter about special offers of our service. This is a good way to get several thousand visitors a day to a new page at once, it works fa...

ster and has better surfing. Due to the text in the newsletter, the audience comes to the site already prepared, the main thing is to get into the subject and its interest. It's a pity that it's just not enough, 10-12k active subscribers in total, we would have at least 50 thousand - wow, they would have turned around!


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  • AdvCash
  • Payeer
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  • Up to 550 rubles for each invited advertiser
  • Up to 7% of the referral's earnings

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