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As you know, advertising is the engine of progress. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is in the interests of advertising that most sites exist. Even if they don't advertise directly to anyone, their content is compiled and posted specifically for anyone to see - otherwise this information simply would not have made it to the network. This makes any site look like a billboard, flyer, or poster taped to a lamppost. All of these items have one thing in common: the more people see and read them, the better. This statement will be true for any site. How to attract visitors to the site and most importantly - how to do it quickly? There are many cheat sites on the Internet that promise to solve this problem. At first glance, they all offer about the same thing - visits to web pages for money. What is the difference?

Cheat visitors

There are many sites that promise to bring many visitors to the site in a short time. Most of these services are not very conscientious, and their services may well "quarrel" you with search engines, who will suspect your site of attracting dirty traffic (that is, fake visitors, robots). And they will be right: if such methods of competition for the audience worked, then Internet users would not be able to get access to real, high-quality and meaningful content at all, and more precisely, such content would not exist at all, since there would be no incentive to create it . However, not all cheat sites are equally useless: if you want to increase site traffic or give it a boost in the form of an increase in the daily number of clicks, without falling under sanctions search engine, then use the services of the IPweb service. The fundamental difference between IPweb and other sites for cheating is that the visitors you can attract through our service, — these are exclusively real people who will open your site from their personal computer, spend some time on it and make several clicks on the links (depending on the task that you create for them). Our users receive a small reward for every site they view. You can pay for the number of visits to your site you are interested in and write detailed instructions on what visitors should do: for example, view several internal pages and click on an advertising banner at the bottom of the page. Since these are real people, their behavior will look quite natural and will not arouse any suspicion, while the counters will increase, and the weight of your resource will increase. Which in the end will not only not denigrate your site in the eyes of the search engine, but, on the contrary, will increase its credibility, because a good site is a visited site. To create the most natural behavior, we have many flexible settings, such as the distribution of visits by time of day, geographic targeting, bounce rate settings, and much more.

Click cheat

In addition to attracting visitors to the site, many webmasters (site owners) are interested in the opportunity to increase the effectiveness of advertising. IPweb can help with this too: we have special advertising campaigns focused on increasing the CTR of your ads, for example "website ad clicks" and "any clicks and site/ad paths". Clicks on banners made by real people will help to significantly increase advertising revenue and increase the attractiveness of the site as an advertising platform. The presence of flexible settings for the geographical, temporal and behavioral distribution of users will make visits as natural as possible, which will look especially good if you “dilute” an existing audience with new visitors. In addition, clicks on your site's internal links will also significantly increase its search attractiveness and positively affect its behavioral factors, thereby contributing to promotion. Thus, if you are interested in finding a site for cheating, then IPweb will be the most reasonable choice, combining security, efficiency and flexibility of settings.

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