Why do you need IPweb Surf?

The IPweb Surf app was created for convenient work and increase in earnings of users of the site IPweb.

The program runs under the Windows operating system, uses a built-in browser similar to Mozilla Firefox, and requires Microsoft .NET Framework (available in all standard assemblies, if you does not have it – download and install).

The main benefits of earning money with the IPweb Surf program:

  • the app has many more sites and tasks for earning than in the browser (because only the use of the program allows you to implement the full functionality required by advertisers);

  • the program does not allow sites to open pop-up windows ("popups", "popunders"), "kill" the control panel, etc.;

  • the program can be configured to automatically check for new surfing sites;

  • promotional letters are easy to read in a separate tab, you will immediately see a new paid letter;

  • you can confirm reading of some advertisements using only with the IPweb Surf program;

  • it is more convenient to complete tasks with clicks on links - after all, you can always select the "Start the task again" item in the "File" menu of the program:

    You can also "refresh the page" or "return to the previous page" in the context menu (called by right-clicking the "mouse" on the advertised site);

  • the program can be configured to automatically start when Windows starts, auto-login to your account, clear the cache, work through a proxy server and much more:

If the program is inactive, it minimizes to the system tray (usually in the lower right corner of the screen), where you can easily find it by icon.

See also: Solving problems related to the operation of the IPweb Surf program.

Is there an IPweb Surf program for Android?

Yes, there is, you can download it in the Market at the request "IPweb Surf", or by using this button: 


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